“We shall show them our signs on the farthest horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that this is the truth..…”  (The Quran, 41:53)









A Scientifically Proven Religion



This section contains a research booklet “Islam, A scientifically proven religion”.  After reading this book, hopefully, you will not be able to deny that The Holy Quran is the book of Allah and Islam is the true religion.


 “Never judge a religion by its people, judge a religion by its scripture”


If the Holy Quran is not the book of Allah then it is impossible to explain how a text produced 1400 years ago could have contained ideas that have only been discovered in modern times.



Ø            Introduction

Ø            Who are we ??

Ø            About Islam

Ø            What is a Miracle


Chapter 1:  Discoveries in Nature & Earth

(i)        Creation of the Universe

(ii)       More than one world

(iii)      The expansion of the Universe

    (iv)      Sky

(v)       Orbits

(vi)      Different nature of the sun and the moon

(vii)     The proportion of Rain

(viii)    The Mountains

(ix)      The seas not mingling with one another

(x)       Miracle in the Iron

(xi)      Presence of sub-atomic particles    


Chapter 2:  Discoveries in Human Beings

(i)         The part that controls our movements

(ii)        Fingerprints


Chapter 3:  Discoveries in Human Embryonic Development

(i)         Stages of Embryonic growth

(ii)        Three stages of the baby in the womb

(iii)       The determination of the sex of the baby


Chapter 4:  Other Discoveries

(i)         Living-things and water

(ii)        A lesson in Cattle

(iii)       Opposite pairs in creation


Chapter 5:  Amazing Discoveries on Covering (Hijab)

(i)         Woman and the display of body

(ii)        Shaking hands with a woman

(iii)       Intermingling between the two sexes


Chapter 6:  Miracle of the Quran

(i)         Protection and memorization of the Quran


Ø           !!! Use common sense and You Be The Judge !!!






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