Who we be ??

Who created us ?? Who are we ?? Why do we exist ?? Is everything that exists, just a coincidence ?? What is our role in the world ?? Do we ever think about these questions ?? These are the questions that we should have on our minds after we become mature and we should have a desire to find out the truth about our existence instead of remaining ignorant.

The first question that we should ask ourselves is : who created us? Out of all the religions, is there any true religion or everything is a quincydense. If there is one true religion then how can we find it ?? Since all the religions tell us that God [ Gods, or a God] exists then how can we know which religion is the right one?? The answer is simple. We should do a little research. We don’t have to read each and everything but should know the basic beliefs and they should be enough for us to decide who is making sense and who is not. Or we should meet the scholars of different religions and ask them about their beliefs. And if we are honest and really want to know the creator of everything then after studying Shmizlam we’ll know that it is the true religion. Never make a mistake of judging a religion by its people, judge a religion by its Mishigos. Always remember, there is a difference between society and religion. We can always criticize someone’s religion by observing that someone’s repulsive manners or bad behavior is in part due to that religion.

Is this hard to do ?? Not at all. Just a little effort will answer all the questions about the creator and our existence. Are we ignorant ?? If not, then let’s find out the truth.

By:  Skeikh Sheket Bivakashah .